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Aurora Series columns help identify NK cell role in defeating cancer.

As one of the immune system’s first lines of defence, Natural Killer (NK) cells – are a crucial part of the autoimmune response that can prevent the growth and spread of cancer. Subduing this class of cells is one of the many ways that tumours take hold.

In work recently published in Science Signaling, Rautela et. al. used global proteomics approaches utilising IonOpticks Aurora Series columns to discover a protein that prevents NK cells from doing their job fighting cancer. Importantly, this work revealed that inhibiting this protein turbocharges the immune system to fight off the cancer cells.

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Therapeutic blockade of activin-A improves NK cell function and antitumor immunity.
Science Signaling.
2019 Aug 27;12(596). doi:
Rautela J, Dagley LF, de Oliveira CC, Schuster IS, Hediyeh-Zadeh S, Delconte RB, Cursons J, Hennessy R, Hutchinson DS, Harrison C, Kita B, Vivier E, Webb AI, Degli-Esposti MA, Davis MJ, Huntington ND, Souza-Fonseca-Guimaraes F

Commentary by Andrew Webb, PhD.

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Andrew has over 15 years’ experience in the field of chromatography and mass spectrometry. He is the lead innovator and inventor at IonOpticks, working closely with the team to test, refine and develop cutting edge techniques to support higher quality outputs and analytics from MS instruments. Andrew is also the Lab Head of the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research’s Proteomics Research Laboratory.