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Single-Cell Proteomics and the SCoPE2 method with Associate Professor Nikolai Slavov

I was fortunate to sit down with Associate Professor Nikolai Slavov to chat about the SCoPE2 method, an improvement on the previously developed SCoPE-MS method, using multiplexed LC-ESI-MS/MS for single-cell proteomics. As published in Genome Biology, Nikolai’s team were able to substantially increase quantitative accuracy and throughput with the help of IonOpticks Aurora Series columns, lowering cost and hands-on time through automated, miniaturised sample preparation.

In this incredibly insightful interview, Nikolai discusses how recent technological advances in LC-MS are enabling his team to leverage the power of single-cell proteomics to answer biological questions with insights previously unattainable.

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Further resources mentioned during the interview are listed below.

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