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Unlock the full potential of your mass spec with IonOpticks UHPLC columns

Aurora Series packed emitter columns are proudly setting a new standard of performance for leading mass specs.

Having set an all new benchmark for what is possible, the Aurora Series columns are now relied upon by leading manufacturers Thermo Scientific and Bruker to demonstrate the full capabilities of their latest mass spectrometers.

Recent tech notes released by both companies used IonOpticks Aurora columns to demonstrate the dynamic range and depth of coverage achievable with their state-of-the-art instruments.

Bruker’s new improved timsTOF Pro 2, demonstrates outstanding performance, unprecedented proteomic depth and high sensitivity with Aurora Series packed emitter columns in single shot proteomics. Close to 8,000 protein groups and more than 60,000 peptides were identified from DDA-based experiments, with HEK tryptic digests of 200 ng in 60 minute gradients using Aurora Series 25 cm columns.


Impressively, from 20 ng of HeLa (Pierce) on Aurora Series 25 cm column in 30 minute gradients, PaSER – realtime search engine –  identifies more than 4200 protein groups and close to 30,000 peptides using DDA.



Head to Bruker.com for full the timsTOF Pro 2 Technical Note.
Download the TimsTOF Pro 2 Brochure for more data.



Thermo Scientific’s recently published Technical Note (000127) describes the depth of coverage and analytical performance of Orbitrap Exploris 240 mass spectrometer when paired with our 25cm Aurora series column. Liu et al reported “excellent performance”, with “over 9,000 proteins identified from ~1 μg of the mixed proteome sample in a 90 min gradient run” from DIA analysed by Biognosys Spectronaut.

Source: TECHNICAL NOTE 000127: DIA performance in discovery and quantitation analysis on the Orbitrap Exploris 240 mass spectrometer. Yang Liu, Khatereh Motamedchaboki, Joshua Nicklay, Sega Ndiaye, Aman Makaju, Amarjeet Flora, Ryan Bomgarden, Daniel Lopez-Ferrer.

Head over to Planet Orbitrap to read the full Tech Note or download it here.


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