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Visit us at HUPO ReCONNECT

#HUPOReCONNECT is in full swing and it’s been a jam-packed program of fantastic presentations, posters and networking events. 
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We’ve been heading down to Gather.Town with our custom avatars and wanted to make sure we were easy to find. What do you think?


Find us online during the following times

Thursday November 18, 2021

01:30-3:00 UTC | 12:30-14:00 AEDT
04:30-05:30 UTC | 15:30-16:30 AEDT

Friday November 19, 2021

01:30-3:00 UTC | 12:30-14:00 AEDT

Your data is only as good as your chromatography

Efficient separation of samples and maximum peak capacity are critical components of LC-MS proteomics, with greater sample definition enabling deeper insights. In this talk we will demonstrate how significant improvements are achievable through our range of UHPLC columns across a number of applications including analysis of complex proteomes, single-cell protein analysis, COVID19 interactomics and large cohorts of clinical samples.

Using our 25cm column, we are able to identify more than 10,000 proteins using a 90 minute sample gradient. We also demonstrate that comprehensive proteome analysis no longer requires long sample gradients or extensive sample fractionation. For rapid sample analysis, our 15cm column can identify more than 6,500 proteins per sample in less than 30 minutes, and more than 4200 proteins can now be achieved 180 times per day using our 5cm column.


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Dr Jarrod Sandow, Head of Product Development and Co-Founder of IonOpticks 


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