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PRESS RELEASE: IonOpticks enters into OEM partnership with Bruker

We’re excited to announce a new partnership to produce high-performance nanoLC Aurora Series columns on behalf of Bruker. Read the full press release below.


IonOpticks enters into OEM partnership with Bruker that sets a new standard for mass spectrometry-based research

IonOpticks on track to become the global leader of chromatography for proteomics applications

Melbourne, 4th February 2022 – Premium manufacturer of chromatography for proteomics applications, IonOpticks, has entered an OEM partnership with the Bruker Corporation (Nasdaq: BRKR), allowing Bruker to expand their portfolio of 4D-Proteomics solutions with the release of the Bruker Focus Series columns which will leverage the technology of IonOpticks’ revolutionary Aurora Series columns.

“Bruker is pleased to sign an OEM manufacturing agreements with IonOpticks,” explains Michael Krawitzky, Global Product Manager of LC-MS Consumables. “IonOpticks columns have been the gold standard in proteomics workflows on timsTOF instruments, setting the standard for performance. Bruker will continually support the Aurora column, created by a passionate IonOpticks team.”

Aurora Series UHPLC columns have been specifically designed to remove all pre- and post-column dead volume, maximising the capacity of the chromatographic material to separate samples. IonOpticks’ patented nanoZero® fittings combined with an integrated emitter tip result in lightning-fast peak shapes, whilst eliminating the need for fiddly and time-consuming adapters – making Aurora Series  columns the highest performing and most user-friendly on the market.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, IonOpticks’ core technology was developed by a team of researchers at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute who were frustrated by the lack of robust chromatography in the market. Unable to utilise the full potential of rapidly advancing mass spectrometry technology, Assoc. Prof. Andrew Webb and Doctors Jarrod Sandow and Giuseppe Infusini, designed and developed a high-performance solution for the global proteomics community that enabled researchers to explore new depths.

Dr Jarrod Sandow, IonOpticks’ Co-Founder and Head of Product Development says, “We’re committed to elevating the standard of all mass spectrometry research through innovative, high-end products that have enabled previously unobtainable insights without compromising on throughput, reliability and affordability.”

IonOpticks continues its ascent to becoming the preeminent UHPLC resource and standalone premium manufacturer of chromatography products globally. Their world-leading chromatography has been adopted by leading researchers across all domains including academia, medical research and pharma, empowering scientists to better understand health, analyse disease, discover diagnostics and develop pharmaceuticals for better human health outcomes.

“We are excited to see a range of product innovations due for release throughout 2022, which will enable even more researchers to access the best chromatography in the world. With more labs able to access our products and maximise the performance of their LC-MS platform technologies, we will see better outcomes for discovery science, and human health overall”, says Sandow.

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Notes to Editors

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About IonOpticks

IonOpticks produces state-of-the-art nanoflow UHPLC columns that radically improve the results from LC-MS-based proteomics by providing the critical link between biological samples and incredible data. Based in Melbourne, Australia, IonOpticks’ core technology is developed by a team of academic researchers who seek to elevate the standard of scientific enquiry by achieving new depths in proteomics insights.

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