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PRESS RELEASE: US proteomics sector set for shake up as new IonOpticks tech unveiled

Melbourne, 3rd March 2023: IonOpticks, a producer of high-performance chromatography solutions for the global research community, will introduce the new TS product range to the US market at US HUPO’s (US Human Proteome Organization) 19th Annual Conference in Chicago on 4-8th March, a renowned event attended by proteomics experts from around the globe.

IonOpticks’ new TS range was developed to bring a simple plug and play, fully integrated heating and source solution to Thermo Scientific users, who have previously only been able to access the results achievable with IonOpticks Aurora Series by creating their own interface solutions – a costly and difficult alternative.

“We’re thrilled that more researchers can now easily unlock the full potential of their mass spec through the launch of our new TS range. Researchers using Thermo Orbitraps are responsible for roughly 85% of all publications related to proteomics in the last decade, so we’ve excited to make our famed Aurora Series products accessible to a significant portion of mass spectrometer users,” says Xavier Perronnet, Managing Director at IonOpticks.

“We’re pleased to attend US HUPO to meet with our peers and showcase how the TS, combined with our Aurora Series columns, can provide Thermo mass spec users the ability to supercharge the sensitivity of even their existing instruments, enabling them to dive deeper into their samples than ever before.” Mr Perronnet continues.

The combination of IonOpticks’ proprietary nanoZero® fittings and integrated emitter with the new TS range removes all pre- and post-column dead volume, maximizing the capacity of the chromatographic packed bed to separate samples. The heating solution in the TS is reusable which saves users both time and money.

The TS range was developed following the paradigm-shifting release of the Aurora Frontier – the first ever column to routinely generate over 10,000 protein identifications on a Thermo mass spectrometer – from a single sample and single species.

“The results that have been achieved with our Aurora Frontier have been outstanding and we’re proud to continue to develop products that enable us to ensure access to these gains are equal for all researchers. Thermo users continue to be top customers of our products, so we’ve worked hard behind the scenes to ensure these users can easily boost the performance of their existing instruments through a simple all-in-one heating and source integration system. One that requires no complex installation and is ready to use straight out of the box,” says Dr Jarrod Sandow, Head of PrOduct Development at IonOpticks.

IonOpticks is committed to ensuring the world’s best chromatography is available to all mass spec users. Alongside the TS, IonOpticks have also launched the SX, a fully integrated column heating and interface solution for SCIEX users.