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Our team is driven by the need to improve chromatographic performance
When powered by IonOpticks, the possibilities are endless.
IonOpticks specialises in developing and manufacturing advanced chromatography columns for use in liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS), primarily in the field of proteomics. Our products, known for enhancing the sensitivity and accuracy of mass spectrometry analyses, play a crucial role in deepening the understanding of proteomics. This has a significant impact on drug discovery and the study of protein functions and interactions. By providing these specialised tools, IonOpticks contributes to the advancement of scientific research and discovery, particularly in understanding complex biological processes and developing new medical treatments.

Our team, composed of experts in various LC-MS platform technologies, is deeply committed to enhancing chromatographic performance. This dedication is fuelled by a desire to revolutionise data quality and achieve unprecedented depth in proteome coverage. At the heart of our work is the application of our columns across diverse areas in biological and medical research, phosphoproteomics, and shotgun proteomics. Each member plays a crucial role in pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in proteomics research, contributing to significant advancements in the field.

Executive Leadership Team

Xavier Perronnet
Managing Director
Dr. Jarrod Sandow
Head of Product Development
Michael Sinden
Head of Brand and Marketing
David Lambe
Chief Financial Officer
Our People
Developed by researchers for researchers

We’re proud of the diverse and talented team behind our acclaimed technology. Here, inclusivity isn’t just a principle—it’s the foundation of our success. By embracing a wide array of perspectives and backgrounds, we foster an environment of innovation and collaboration. This diversity is instrumental in our pursuit of developing cutting-edge solutions, ensuring that we continue to lead in scientific advancement and support researchers around the globe.

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