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About us

Precision chromatography solutions developed by researchers, for researchers.

IonOpticks: Revolutionising Chromatography

Dr. Jarrod Sandow provides an overview of the beginnings of IonOpticks and our Aurora Series columns, currently the global leader in high-performance packed emitter columns.

About Us

IonOpticks produces high-performance nanoflow chromatography solutions for the global research community.

We specialise in the development and manufacture of columns for analytical applications in liquid chromatography with mass spectrometry (LC-MS) and high-end proteomics. Our highly reproducible methods provide a unique ability to enhance the sensitivity of mass spectrometry sample analysis, enabling scientists and clinicians to discover more from their samples.

Our team are experts in a broad array of LC-MS platform technologies and are driven by the need to improve chromatographic performance in order to achieve data quality and deep proteome coverage on a whole new scale.

Our columns are used for a broad range of applications within the field of biological and medical research including drug discovery, phosphoproteomics and shotgun proteomics. When powered by IonOpticks, the possibilities are endless.