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Aurora Generation 3

Nanoflow UHPLC packed emitter columns.

The evolution of our
renowned technology.

Delivering unrivalled coverage, throughput, sensitivity and reproducibility, Generation 3 Aurora SeriesTM columns embody all of the strengths of previous generations, augmented by three years of intense research, development and industry collaboration.

New and improved
nanoZero® fittings.

With enhanced robustness and reliability, the Generation 3
nanoZero® fitting holds over 1700bar and eliminates all pre-column
dead volume.

Extended column life.
Love it for longer.

“We’ve been acquiring data using the new
Generation 3 Aurora Series columns for
3+ months continuously, and they’re rock solid”

Assoc. Prof. Andrew Webb

An impressive
new range.

The enhanced technology underpinning Generation 3 Aurora Series™ columns provides a foundation for
IonOpticks to expand its UHPLC product suite and tailor solutions for a wider range of applications.

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“After swapping our 25cm Generation 2 Aurora column with the 15cm Generation 3 Aurora Elite™ column, we were surprised to see our peptide and protein numbers unchanged!”

Toby Dite, Research Officer, WEHI

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