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Fully integrated column heating and interface solutions for most leading instruments.

IonOpticks columns are at the pinnacle of chromatographic performance for LC-MS applications. We have received incredibly positive feedback for the mass spectrometry performance gains that researchers have achieved simply by incorporating our columns into their methods, but we have also been aware that access to these gains has not been equal for all researchers. We’ve listened, developing integrated heating and source solutions that enable our famous Aurora Series™ columns to interface seamlessly with most leading mass spectrometers.

Now the world’s best chromatography is accessible to all.

User-first design.

is built-in.

All Generation 3 Aurora Series™ columns are designed and manufactured to remove all pre- and post-column dead volume, maximising the capacity of the chromatographic packed bed to separate samples. What makes Aurora TS and Aurora SX unique is our ability to integrate these benefits directly into the design. Together with our unique heating approach and custom interface solutions, our entire Aurora Series™ range is now truly accessible to all users.

The most user-friendly columns on the market, just got even simpler.

Integrated emitters for fast setup.

In combination with our proprietary nanoZero® fittings, our integrated emitter removes the need for any additional fittings or separate emitter. The unique emitter design drastically improves ionisation efficiency, spray stability and overall system longevity, eliminating the pain associated with separate emitter setups. Best of all, pre- and post-column dead volumes are gone, realising the full potential for chromatographic separation of your precious samples.

A heating solution you keep.

TS and SX by IonOpticks minimises the waste associated with other systems where the heating element is incorporated directly into the column housing, requiring the heater to be discarded along with the column every time the column needs changing. The TS and SX heater solution is reusable, so when you discard your spent columns, the unique column heater remains ready for, and waiting for, your next experiment. Combined with our digital heater controller you need only purchase once, TS and SX saves considerable time and money, both of which are better spent on your research.

Discard only what’s necessary. Be set up and ready to go within 20 minutes.

What our customers say

Byoung-Kyu Cho, Team Lead, Proteomics
Washington University in St. Louis, School of Medicine
With over a decade of experience in proteomics research, I can confidently say that the IonOpticks column is the superior choice. Its exceptional analytical performance in terms of sensitivity and reproducibility has allowed me to maximize protein identification in any biological sample. Additionally, the column is robust and can withstand hundreds of runs without significant loss of performance. The customer service team is outstanding, always quick to respond to any questions or concerns. I highly recommend IonOpticks columns to any researcher seeking high-quality mass spectrometry data.
Daniel Itzhak, Director, Mass Spectrometry
Altos Labs
I have been using IonOpticks columns for 4 years, their performance is phenomenal, superior to any column I could pack myself, and they last at least 5 times as long. Switching to IonOpticks has saved me a huge amount of time, I simply do not have to stress about chromatography any more. The team are also responsive, and it is clear that customer satisfaction is important to them. Keep up the great work folks!
Neal Gould, Principal Scientist
Tegmine Therapeutics
The Aurora columns are fantastic. Not only do they perform better than other columns on the market but they’re durable and the single nano connection makes setup easy and simplifies troubleshooting. I use them for all my routine peptide and PTM applications.
Emmanuelle Lezan, Principal Associate
F. Hoffmann-La Roche, Switzerland
We switched all our instruments with a 15 or 25cm aurora column for 1 year. Their performance, spray stability and robustness are really appreciated. We have really good results in label-free and DIA workflow compared to other columns used.
Assoc. Prof. Nikolai Slavov
Northeastern University
We obtained better results with IonOpticks… We were able to leverage the very high accuracy of retention times as an additional feature to increase confidence in correct peptide identifications and to reduce confidence in incorrect ones.
Akinori Endo, PhD
Laboratory of Protein Metabolism | Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science
We are very pleased with the performance of the Aurora column that can be applied to most proteomics studies. They allow us to acquire MS data with higher quality and especially improved in-depth proteomics output.
Dr. Alex von Kriegsheim
Edinburgh Cancer Research UK Centre | Institute of Genetics and Molecular Medicine
We have switched all our instruments from in-house packed 35cm emitters to Aurora columns. Their performance is equal or superior to our in-house packed columns, their spray-stability and durability is exceptional, they are fool-proof to install and last hundreds of runs.
Martin R. Larsen, PhD
Protein Research Group, University of Southern Denmark
We have recently started to use the Aurora columns and they significantly outperform any other columns that we have ever used for nano-LC-MSMS, by providing much higher peptide coverage in proteomics and phosphoprotemics.
Dr. Ignasi Forne
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Planegg-Martinsried
I am very happy with the robustness and performance of IonOpticks Aurora columns. They have significantly improved the results of my label-free quantitative workflows.


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