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Systematic optimization of automated phosphopeptide enrichment for high-sensitivity phosphoproteomics

13 May 2024

Sharing Current Asthma Research For World Asthma Day

07 May 2024

Directed differentiation of human iPSCs into mesenchymal lineages by optogenetic control of TGF-β signaling

06 May 2024

Celebrating World Immunization Week 2024

24 April 2024

IonOpticks named one of Australia’s Top 50 Most Innovative Manufacturers for 2024

22 April 2024

An automated and fast sample preparation workflow for laser microdissection guided ultrasensitive proteomics

17 April 2024

Refining Spatial Proteomics by Mass Spectrometry: An Efficient Workflow Tailored for Archival Tissue

15 April 2024

Deep learning-based proteomics enables accurate classification of bulk and single-cell samples

10 April 2024

Dynamics of single-cell protein covariation during epithelial–mesenchymal transition

25 March 2024

Massively parallel sample preparation for multiplexed single-cell proteomics using nPOP

14 March 2024

IMBAS-MS Discovers Organ-Specific HLA Peptide Patterns in Plasma

04 March 2024

Systematic discovery of neoepitope–HLA pairs for neoantigens shared among patients and tumor types

28 February 2024

In vitro production of cat-restricted Toxoplasma pre-sexual stages

14 February 2024

Challenging the Astral mass analyzer – going beyond 5200 proteins per single-cell at unseen quantitative accuracy to study cellular heterogeneity.

06 February 2024

Automated single-cell proteomics providing sufficient proteome depth to study complex biology beyond cell type classifications

29 January 2024

IonOpticks and The Purcell Lab: From collaboration to innovation.

23 January 2024

Pre-print: Systematic optimization of automated phosphopeptide enrichment for high-sensitivity phosphoproteomics

10 January 2024

Deep topographic proteomics of a human brain tumour

23 December 2023

Breaking spore dormancy in budding yeast transforms the cytoplasm and the solubility of the proteome

18 December 2023

PRESS RELEASE: IonOpticks and Newomics broaden chromatography accessibility for Agilent mass specs, with Shimadzu pending.

07 December 2023

High-throughput and scalable single cell proteomics identifies over 5000 proteins per cell

30 November 2023

PD-1 instructs a tumor-suppressive metabolic program that restricts glycolysis and restrains AP-1 activity in T cell lymphoma

27 November 2023

ERK3/MAPK6 dictates CDC42/RAC1 activity and ARP2/3-dependent actin polymerization

14 November 2023

Benchmarking commonly used software suites and analysis workflows for DIA proteomics and phosphoproteomics

06 November 2023