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High-performance packed emitter columns

Emitter column

Nanoflow chromatography that radically improves the results from LC-MS-based proteomics.

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Nano UHPLC columns.

IonOpticks produces high-performance nanoflow chromatography solutions for the global research community.

We specialise in the development and manufacture of columns for analytical applications in liquid chromatography with mass spectrometry (LC-MS) and high-end proteomics.

Our highly reproducible methods provide a unique ability to enhance the sensitivity of mass spectrometry sample analysis, enabling scientists and clinicians to discover more from their samples.

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Prep. Plug. Play.

Our unique nanoZero® fittings withstand the highest pressure connections.

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Explore our library of support material and resources to help you get started with Aurora Series columns.

Product brochures and user guides available in English, Japanese and Simplified Chinese.

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