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15 cm Odyssey packed emitter column

Generation 3 UHPLC packed emitter column (no fittings).


Price Unit


USD 795.00

Part number: ODY3-15075C18

5 Pack

USD 3,775.00

Part number: ODY3-15075C18-5PK

USD 3,975.00

10 Pack

USD 6,750.00

Part number: ODY3-15075C18-10PK

USD 7,950.00

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Product Specifications

Column format Analytical column
Column type Reversed-phase
For use with UHPLC
Length 15 cm
Diameter 75 µm
Pore size 120 Å
Max. pressure Recommended fittings rated to 1000 bar
Temp. limits 60°C
Particle size 1.7 µm
pH stability 1–8
Stationary phase C18


True zero dead volume

Odyssey Series columns are designed and manufactured to remove all post-column dead volume, maximising the capacity of the chromatographic material to separate samples. 

Lightning fast peaks

With zero post-column dead volume, Odyssey Series columns achieve lightning-fast peak shapes and maximum separation of samples.

Peaks graph
More IDs graph

20-25% more protein IDs

Odyssey Series columns consistently deliver 20-25% more identifications compared to longer columns from competitors.

50 samples a day

Deep and high throughput sample analysis achieving near 6,000 proteins 50 times a day.

50 samples per day graph

Research Potential

Highlighted research publications from our user community.

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