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Ultimate SX | 25 cm nanoflow UHPLC column

No compromise deep analysis of complex samples.


25 cm nanoflow UHPLC packed emitter column with fully integrated source interface and column heating solution for Sciex OptiFlow Turbo V ion source, using the nanoflow probe.

Column Heater, Heater Controller and IonOpticks SX Adapter required for operation.


Price Unit


USD 1,395.00

Part number: AUR3-25075C18-SX

5 Pack

USD 6,625.00

Part number: AUR3-25075C18-SX-5PK

USD 6,975.00

10 Pack

USD 11,855.00

Part number: AUR3-25075C18-SX-10PK

USD 13,950.00

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Product Specifications

Column format Analytical column
Column type Reversed-phase
For use with UHPLC
Length 25 cm
Inner Diameter 75 µm
Pore size 120 Å
Pressure >1700 bar
Temp. limits 60°C
Particle size 1.7 µm
pH stability 1–8
Stationary phase C18


True zero dead volume

Aurora™ Series columns are designed and manufactured to remove all pre- and post-column dead volume, maximising the capacity of the chromatographic material to separate samples. Our fittings and integrated emitter tip eliminate the need for fiddly and time-consuming adapters, making Aurora columns the highest performing and most user friendly on the market.

Consistent results over multiple experiments and hundreds of injections.

Eight proteomics experiments on a single 15cm Aurora Elite™ column, and counting.

Generation 3 Aurora Series UHPLC packed emitter columns not only drive the highest proteomics performance available, but do so in a revolutionary plug-and-play format that has replaced the need for unreliable and fiddly bespoke connections.
A key enhancement of Generation 3 has been increased longevity and consistency, while maintaining the unrivalled sensitivity, throughput and depth of discovery synonymous with previous generations.

IonOpticks' proprietary manufacturing process creates a product that performs consistently for longer.
Testing of our columns has demonstrated that with proper sample processing, Generation 3 Aurora Series columns can achieve elite results consistently for more than 3 months of solid use across a wide range of sample types.

Get more from your sample

Aurora™ Series columns consistently deliver 20-25% more protein identifications compared to longer columns from competitors. Increase your IDs while reducing your load and equilibration times.

Results from a 1µg Hela cell tryptic digest using IonOpticks’ Aurora series columns featuring an integrated emitter tip (25cm X 75µm) compared to currently available commercial columns either with or without an integrated emitter tip (50cm X 75µm). Samples were run on a Thermo Q-Exactive Plus

Research potential

Highlighted research publications from our user community.

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