Aurora Generation 3 | IonOpticks

The highest performing and most
user-friendly UHPLC columns.

plug + play
True zero
dead volume
fitting holds
>1700 bar

60 cm nanoflow UHPLC packed emitter column with nanoZero® fitting.

The deepest sample analysis possible.

Combining a suite of innovations incorporated throughout our Generation 3 Aurora Series™ range, the Aurora Frontier™ boasts incredible performance using long sample gradients - and is the first column ever to enable near-full proteome coverage, due to its unmatched peak capacity.

Product Benefits:

  • + Near-full proteome coverage
  • + Long sample gradients
  • + Unmatched peak capacity

No compromise deep analysis
of complex samples.

25 cm nanoflow UHPLC packed emitter column with nanoZero® fitting.

The original game-changer in UHPLC.

The pinnacle of chromatography performance while minimising overall cost and stress on equipment. The Aurora Ultimate™ builds on the legacy of IonOpticks’ original 25 cm UHPLC line, delivering maximum peak capacity when throughput is less of a factor, but still a consideration.

Product Benefits:

  • + Extreme coverage and sensitivity without excessive time
  • + Unlocks the true power of your mass spectrometer

The perfect balance between throughput and depth of coverage in complex samples.

15 cm nanoflow UHPLC packed emitter column with nanoZero® fitting.

The ‘experiment in a day’ solution.

A product made for researchers, by researchers. The Aurora Elite™ is specifically tailored to achieve the deep discovery synonymous with Aurora Series™ columns, within the established timeframes of researchers who would like to maintain their “experiment in a day” velocity.

Product Benefits:

  • + High throughput
  • + Exceptional coverage for rate of throughput
  • + Balanced throughput and depth of coverage

The benefits of microflow chromatography for biomarker research, enabling high throughput without sacrificing IDs.

5 cm microflow UHPLC packed emitter column with nanoZero® fitting.

Maximal throughput for biological fluid analysis and targeted workflows.

When high throughput matters, Aurora Rapid150™ ensures you achieve IDs previously unimaginable at speed. Aurora Rapid150™ provides the benefits of micro flow chromatography for analytical research.

Product Highlights:

  • + Ultra high throughput
  • + Microflow
  • + High IDs
  • + System stability


  • + Large cohorts
  • + Analytical research
  • + Biomarker research

Maximal throughput for single-cell and low-input samples.

5 cm nanoflow UHPLC packed emitter column with nanoZero® fitting.

Maximum IDs. Shorter gradients.

Aurora Rapid75™ delivers high-throughput analysis of single cells, achieving extreme sensitivity using short gradients. Identify more than 1300 proteins from 250 pg of sample, 80 times per day on an Evosep One and timsTOF SCP.

Product Highlights

  • + High throughput
  • + Nanoflow
  • + Sensitivity
  • + Analyse more cells in less time


  • + High throughput analysis of single cell and low sample inputs
Download the Aurora Series Product Overview here.

Aurora emitter detail view

Aurora SeriesTM columns are designed and manufactured to remove all pre- and post-column dead volume, maximising the capacity of the chromatographic material to separate samples. Our fittings and integrated emitter tip eliminate the need for fiddly and time-consuming adapters, making Aurora columns the highest performing and most user friendly on the market.

Consistent results. Multiple experiments. Hundreds of injections.

Eight proteomics experiments on a single column, and counting.

Aurora emitter detail view

Generation 3 Aurora SeriesTM UHPLC packed emitter columns not only drive the highest proteomics performance available, but do so in a revolutionary plug-and-play format that has replaced the need for unreliable and fiddly bespoke connections. A key enhancement of Generation 3 has been increased longevity and consistency, while maintaining the unrivalled sensitivity, throughput and depth of discovery synonymous with previous generations.

IonOpticks' proprietary manufacturing process creates a product that performs consistently for longer.
Testing of our columns has demonstrated that with proper sample processing, Generation 3 Aurora SeriesTM columns can achieve elite results consistently for more than 3 months of solid use across a wide range of sample types.

“We’ve been acquiring data using the new
Generation 3 Aurora Series columns for
3+ months continuously, and they’re rock solid”

Assoc. Prof. Andrew Webb

Get more from your sample.

Aurora Series™ columns consistently deliver 20-25% more protein identifications compared to longer columns from competitors. Increase your IDs while reducing your load and equilibration times.

Results from a 1µg Hela cell tryptic digest using IonOpticks’ Aurora series columns featuring an integrated emitter tip (25cm X 75µm) compared to currently available commercial columns either with or without an integrated emitter tip (50cm X 75µm). Samples were run on a Thermo Q-Exactive Plus

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