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Celebrating World Immunization Week 2024

24 April 2024

Deep learning-based proteomics enables accurate classification of bulk and single-cell samples

10 April 2024

Massively parallel sample preparation for multiplexed single-cell proteomics using nPOP

14 March 2024

IMBAS-MS Discovers Organ-Specific HLA Peptide Patterns in Plasma

04 March 2024

Systematic discovery of neoepitope–HLA pairs for neoantigens shared among patients and tumor types

28 February 2024

In vitro production of cat-restricted Toxoplasma pre-sexual stages

14 February 2024

Automated single-cell proteomics providing sufficient proteome depth to study complex biology beyond cell type classifications

29 January 2024

IonOpticks and The Purcell Lab: From collaboration to innovation.

23 January 2024

Deep topographic proteomics of a human brain tumour

23 December 2023

High-throughput and scalable single cell proteomics identifies over 5000 proteins per cell

30 November 2023

Peptide-and Protein-Level Combined Strategy for Analyzing Newly Synthesized Proteins by Integrating Tandem Orthogonal Proteolysis with Cleavable Bioorthogonal Tagging

02 October 2023

Multiplatform analyses reveal distinct drivers of systemic pathogenesis in adult versus pediatric severe acute COVID-19

19 September 2023

Data-Driven Optimization of DIA Mass-Spectrometry by DO-MS

03 September 2023

One-Tip: A Revolutionary Proteomics Workflow with Aurora Elite Chromatography

30 August 2023

Sphingolipid subtypes differentially control proinsulin processing and systemic glucose homeostasis

28 August 2023

Slow TCA flux and ATP production in primary solid tumours but not metastases

24 July 2023

A new method to improve the quality of single-cell proteomics data

14 June 2023